XBOX SERIES RAPID FIRE CONTROLLER. Fitted with our top tier Chaos Modchip!

This mod has Anti Recoil, X-Mods exclusives like Slide Cancel, Autoaim Headshot, ABXY Turbo and all the old favourites including Jumpshot, Dropshot, Akimbo and so much more! We have once again shaken up the mod scene with this unrivalled beast. Rapidfire is smoother and faster than any other mod around, the functions are cleaner and more responsive and above all, its really simple to use! I know thats a bold statement to make but just compare the modes on this controller to any other and you will see theres none out there that offer all these modes in one mod. This mod has modes never before seen, we have created some seriously one of a kind tricks to help up your game and to make it even better, we sell at the same price (OR CHEAPER) than the other sellers' outdated mods! Our world exclusive mod has been made by the worlds greatest team of coders, we worked tirelessly to compile a list of what our customers ACTUALLY wanted, before turning it into 30 modes. This mod is renowned for not only being easy to use but for having the best modes and set up around. This is easily the best rapid fire controller on the market today! This mod has 15 primary modes and 15 sub modes, hold Y and tap the sync button while in a mode to enter its sub mode. We have packed this mod with more features than ever, you can enable power-ups in almost every mode.

PowerUps: Anti Recoil , Jumpshot, Dropshot and Autorun. At X-Mods we are not only striving to be one step ahead of our competition but to keep you one step ahead of yours too. This is why you can believe in us when it comes to offering the best mods around at unbeatable prices.

The Chaos Mod is by far the best mod on the planet! Bringing you brand new, never before seen modes like Slide Cancel, Autoaim Headshot and the most advanced Anti Recoil around! Anti Recoil can make the worst weapon manageable, its fully adjustable too so you can crank it up for the weapons with terrible recoil and turn it right down for others, completely removing recoil from them all.

Slide Cancel allows you to move around the map like the pro's, never running out of stamina. Autoaim Headshot - We've also upgraded our Autoaim by adding a headshot function to it, with this mode you can rack up them points in Zombies, you may have to open every door or clear every obstruction but you'll still have lots of points to spare and your friends will love you forever!

(Also works for Campaign and other modes that have LT aim assist). We have kept all the old favourites too! If you like to run and gun, equip Jumpshot with Dropshot to keep your enemies on their toes, one second you're in the air, next you're on the floor, they wont know where to aim. Modes like Quickscope, Doubleshot and Sniperbreath are here for you.

ALL modes are fully programmable by as little as 0.1 sps and they all have the feature "Left Trigger (LT) cancellation" This works great if your behind cover or just want to take a shot without ending up on the floor. We were the first to offer this amazing feature! Please note: Auto-aim modes work in offline play only! You can use this feature in Zombies, Campaign and Spec Ops.

Have a look at the mode list, it speaks for itself. Microsoft have released a new feature on their controllers that lets you quickly swap the connection between your Xbox and PC/Bluetooth device. To do this you double tap the sync button. Our mod also uses that sync button, you change modes by holding LT and tapping sync, so if you change modes too quickly, it'll desync the controller which can be frustrating. To remedy this we can add a button to the rear of the controller which would be dedicated to the mod and allow you to quickly switch between modes without interrupting your connection. Its not necessary, you can order your controller without this extra but will you have to change modes at a much slower rate. (Around 1 press a second).

X-Mods will fix your controller where possible. In the event the controller can not be fixed, a replacement will be offered. If a replacement can not be offered due to a part being discontinued or unavailable, we will offer a comparable alternative.

Cheques must be drawn on a UK bank account. We normally dispatch your order within 24 hours (Mon-Fri Only). Once your order has been sent we will contact you by emaill.

X-Mods was established in the year 2010, we are a small company with the customer in mind. Were not one of the usual mod sites that only care about sales, we actually care for our customers and aren't happy until they're completely satisfied. All mods are fitted by a professional to the highest quality, We take pride in our work and would not send anything out that we wouldn't be happy with ourselves!

We develop the fastest and most stable mods for our controllers and are always looking for new things to make your experience better. All of our mods are compatible with pretty much any game, our mods are fully adjustable so you can rest assured that there will never be a game you can't use your controller with. We love to get emails so feel free to message us if you have any questions what so ever. This item is in the category "Video Games & Consoles\Video Game Accessories\Controllers & Attachments". The seller is "x-mods" and is located in this country: GB.

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